To dream big with us means living a dream holiday

Since 1980, we have been renting out dream structures in Costa Smeralda territory

Since 1980 we have been enthusiastically renting out high quality, unique and enchanting dream houses in Costa Smeralda. We are also involved in purchase and sale of luxury homes and villas, which overlook the sea, apartments, commercial premises, land and boat places, but in chartering of high class cars and boats. High level of expertise and professionalism have always characterized our work.

Who We Are

Our real estate agency, in Arzachena, is a landmark for those who want to enjoy a dream holiday in Costa Smeralda. We are specialists in renting out holiday homes, villas and apartments. We have been in the business for more than 20 years, renting out Mediterranean-style properties located in characteristic locations rich in vegetation and granite rocks. We like our customers to not only enjoy the crystalline sea, but also un-spoilt nature.

Complete offer of everything

Customers, who turn to Arzachena, want to soak themselves in complete luxury. We can rent villas including a boat charter so that the person concerned can enjoy daily trips to the sea. Our residences, with pool and restaurant, are some of the other unbeatable facilities that we make available to everyone. In the area of ​​residential rental and sales, we are now a top-level reality firm.

An Unforgettable Holiday

Relying on Immobiliare in Arzachena means choosing to live an unforgettable holiday without having to think of anything. Our services, besides providing furnished residences and apartments, also include cleaning services and linen washing. Spending your days, relaxing and pleasant, within structures made by famous architects such as Busirivici, Vietti, Couelle, is not a dream but a reality.

Living a dream vacation with us can be enough to call +39 0789 91422

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